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Scholarships Help Guide

Scholarships Help Guide

If you need money for college, here's a quick and easy way to get started. You will have the greatest success finding scholarships by starting with a clear understanding of one thing... Knowing what You're Looking For!! Most people just go around blindly trying to find the money. Why? We've compiled the details and techniques to help you narrow your search and find the money you're looking for, NOW!

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Types of

Today, there are more scholarships available than you may think. It's worth your time and effort to seek out relevant scholarships and apply for them. It’s the dream of every parent and college-bound student: Win that magical scholarship that pays for everything. I am sure you have all heard of that before. Right?

College scholarships come in many sizes and in multiple categories, but hardly any will pay the full freight of a four-year college education. Meanwhile, searching for the right scholarship requires as much "insider" know-how as picking the right stock.

To get started, you must first do your homework

Scholarships come in different packages.

Not all scholarships come in the form of outright grants. Most scholarship programs include discounted tuition that comes as part of a "preferential package" from colleges looking to mold their entering class with top students. The number of “trustee” or “president’s scholarship’s” offers a sign of how strongly the alumni feel about the school.

A well- heeled school, financially speaking, suggests that its graduates think they were well rewarded in their careers -- probably by some of the school’s alumni. It's nice to get confirmation that your choice of school translates to a head start on your future.

Many schools do not offer aid packages to cover all of a student’s recognized financial needs. The difference between a student’s need and the school’s award is called the "gap," which can be as much as 35% below the estimated need. For some schools the "gap" is narrowed if the student has achieved high academic grades or other honors.

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